Many students ask, “Should I take the ACT with Writing?” The answer is YES!

Many reasons support this answer. First, most colleges require the Writing (essay) portion of the test. If you do not take the ACT with this option, you will have to take the entire test again. Students cannot sit for the Writing portion alone.  Additionally, many colleges use this score for placement in their respective English programs. Another great reason to take the Writing section? If you apply to a school that requires an ACT Subject Test, then you may find that often a college will accept the ACT Writing as a substitute for one of those difficult tests!


Every week, a student asks, ” if the essay (Writing) score doesn’t really affect my composite score, then why should I care how well I write on this section?” You should care about your essay score for several reasons.  First, your essay will receive a score, and that score may be accessed on your score report as a number from 1-12 and as part of a separate “combined English/ Writing score.  Colleges want to see that you do not need a “remedial” course. A “remedial” course means that you are not quite ready for college. You may be required to sit (pay) and take the course, often WITHOUT credit. Yuck. So, why put yourself in that situation? Also, if you write fabulous, proofread, interesting college admission essays, yet your essay score seems low, then the admissions officer may become suspicious about WHO actually penned those essays.

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